There are many associations for educators, but only one thad addresses the unique challenges faced by educators who are also business owners.  ALAPS, The Alabama Association of Private Schools was founded in 1988 and seeks to address the many unique challenges and opportunities faced by owners and operators of private schools. 

Developing young minds has never been about doing worksheets and sitting at a desk. Think back to the teachers you loved in school.  Weren’t they the ones who made the subject they taught come alive?

To finish with amazing kids, we must start with amazing teachers.

We’ve dedicated more than three decades to understanding the safety, nurture and development of preschool children and excellence in the private school environment.  Identifying and recruiting people with “the right stuff”--a heart to serve children--is hard enough.  Then when you get them on staff, even the very best must be continually developed, encouraged, trained and rewarded in creative ways.  It is this support which keep them at the top of their game.  Over time and with great care, an environment emerges where great teachers facilitate a never-ending variety of learning opportunities crafted to make children giggle with delight as they systematically acquire the skills that will make them successful in school and beyond.

Working together, we accomplish some amazing math.  Synergy. 1 + 1 = far more than two.